Friends of English Avenue pic

Friends of English Avenue – What Is It and How to Help


Friends of English Avenue pic
Friends of English Avenue

Since 2014, Mark Olsen has served as a banker associate at J.P. Morgan Private Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to relocating to Atlanta, he served as a correspondence manager in Washington, D.C. When not busy with work, Mark Olsen enjoys contributing his time as a volunteer with the Friends of English Avenue.

A nonprofit based in Atlanta, the Friends of English Avenue (FOEA) grew out of the tragic death of a 92-year old English Avenue resident named Kathryn Johnston. The nonprofit seeks to honor Ms. Johnston’s life by striving to make the street a better and safer place to live and to improve the overall community.

To this end, FOEA focuses on four initiatives: cleanup/beautification, crime reduction, the establishment of green spaces, and mentorship intended to bring about collaborative change.

Those who are interested can contribute in a variety of ways. Donations are always welcome, and contributors can also donate in the memory of a loved one. Additionally, FOEA is always interested in volunteers, especially for the harvesting of its Urban Farm, though there are many other opportunities.


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